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PIA is easily the best VPN I've ever used. There was a small hiccup after I purchased a yearly plan as the activation details didn't reach my inbox, however the matter was quickly resolved by customer service who were really kind and helpful. Since using the service, I haven't experienced any dropouts no matter which server I was connected to, nor were the speeds slow, unlike some other expensive VPNs I used in the past. If you're looking for a VPN that's reliable, fast, good value for money and customer focused then look no further. Couldn't recommend them enough. 5 stars from me – Cheers!

Rasit, 09/29/2019

I renewed my membership with PIA recently but was unable to log into the app. The customer service was excellent and helped me solve my problem very promptly! Greatly appreciated.

Jan , 09/28/2019

I've been using this service for me and my family for over a year and we've never had a single issue. All the connections through whatever server we go through always been fast we've never experienced any down time or any slow down. Along with being reasonably priced I'm very happy to recommend it to anybody is looking for a VPN.

Brian Davis, 09/18/2019

I have been using PIA now for about 5 years when I need a VPN tunnel. It's solid as a rock and It never disconnects or slows down even after being connected to an end point for months on end. I use PIA's software on both a Windows and Linux machine and didn't even have to think to get it working on both.

Solenoid Null, 09/07/2019

I've been using PIA for well over a year now, Best VPN I've ever used! I stream on Twitch, Watch YouTube/Twitch, and develop stuff where I require a constant connection. PIA has NEVER let me down, constant uptime, and fast speeds... I'm able to Game and Stream with no increase in latency. It really is the Best VPN.

Michael M (ChronicSquid), 08/31/2019

I’ve been using PIA for 5 years and I haven’t even thought about looking for an alternative. I’ve used different VPNs in the past (including Nord, TunnelBear and CyberGhost) and nothing compares. Their support is superior and they are a company of their word; which is extremely hard to find these days. I would and have recommend this to anyone and have had multiple people purchase their service and have been nothing less than satisfied. They’re great and deserve to have the reputation they have come to acquire.

thick lord, 08/26/2019

I needed a little additional help, and the PIA agent was patient and walked me through the setup process. I am really pleased to have a trustworthy VPN now.

Pam Griggs, 08/23/2019

I have tried most services and PIA is the best. I use it on Windows and Linux and it is very quick and easy to set up. The yearly price is outstanding for this level of service. I am very impressed.

Jim Key, 08/16/2019

Private Internet Access is good .. It is serving me very well .. Thanks

Smith Chris , 06/25/2019

Great VPN service, great speeds. I have been a user for 3+ years now. The only issue I have is with Amazon Pay - for some reason PIA and Amazon don't play well together. Every year PIA cannot access Amazon Pay - credentials are bad, but every one else seems to be able to access and use it - so for the 4th year in a row, I now have a new user ID because the old one ran out with no payment. A minor annoyance - actually a pain in the nether regions.

bob jones, 06/19/2019

I had a question after signing up and their help desk replied right away. That is a good sign. Sign up was easy and it seems to be working fine.

John Gage, 09/29/2019

Using PIA since 2016, mainly with routers. Their Support Team is fast and always here to help. The documentation is well written and helpful to fix or understand things quickly. The servers are "average" on some locations but generally very fast to not notice their usage (I mostly use the strongest encryption). Very satisfied

Samuel, 09/22/2019

I have been using PIA for ~5 years now, and it has been excellent. The desktop and mobile apps are well designed, and using them is as easy entering your username and password. They're perfectly simple and intuitive, but do allow for advanced feature changes if you so desire. There are very little, if any, speed differences in my internet with or without PIA. The security and privacy offered is excellent, the support and community are responsive and helpful. If you're looking for a VPN for any reason, this is the one for you.

Bain Gurley, 09/13/2019

I have used PIA for a number of years now and have always found it to be reliable, fast and comprehensive. I have only needed to contact support on one occasion, and the service I received was prompt, friendly and accurate. The client software is easy to install and use, and has been improved and updated well, its current iteration is the best I have seen yet. The one year package offers great value for money, allowing you to connect up to ten devices for the low price of $3.33 (£2.70 GBP), per month. There are no traffic logs, unlimited data and comprehensive options for data encryption and VPN protocols. Ad-Blocking is also included. Based on my own experience, I can definitely recommend using PIA.

Nicholas Wright, 09/05/2019

I have been using PIA for many years and I can comfortably say it is the best in performance globally. It is fast, easy to use, and the service is great. Best VPN around.

Carlos Nunez, 08/31/2019

I just purchased your product and found it very easy to install and use. I feel much safer on the internet now especially when I’m using the internet at retail establishments. Your service was recommended by the person at the retailer where I purchased the computer. I’m looking forward to many years of safe internet browsing.

Norm Walker, 08/26/2019

Have used it for 6 years especially over public WIFI hot-spots like Walmart or McD's where its easy to get caught up in man in the middle scams . Your data is encrypted between your device and PIA's server so no one ev4n if they sniff your packets can read them . Never worry about bandwidth as its always fast and if not easy to switch to another server that's not .

Stewart Snider, 08/19/2019

If I ever have a problem (which is rare) they are always there within 1 day to fix it. I have no complaints. They have come through every, single time AND address me in a kind way. Every time I have checked to see if PIA is working as they say it is....it IS. Thank you PIA!

Vanessa, 08/02/2019

Just started to use your product and it works fine, my only question is during set up the 2nd verification, I just can't quite figure it out. Can you break it down to the simplest form. Thanks

Chucky Brown, 06/24/2019

For the most part the service worked for my. I'm not sure if my issue was due to PIA or the streaming service. I ran into some intermittent connection issues while using a server in London. I've have great luck with PIA in the past. Again not sure if it was on their end or the streaming service as the connection would drop once about every other hour. Not a huge problem to drive me away from using PIA in the future.

Jacob Hathaway, 06/19/2019

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